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Walking Through Your Processing Place, 31 Day Devotional- Volume II was created as a teaching tool to assist you as you continue your journey with Jesus Christ. The most significant conflict that I had in creating this devotional transpired while choosing 31 biblical stories from the 66 books of the Bible. There were so many characters to choose from, so I prayed for guidance that those that would go into this first of many Processing Place Devotionals, would be what you needed as you seek to learn more about the people of the Bible. I hope that you can see yourself through their eyes and know that what you're facing is nothing new. If God delivered them, He's the same God that can and will provide for you. The 31 stories that I chose were selected with you in mind, so relax and let's go on this journey through your various processing places. 

Walking Through Your Processing Place (Ebook)- Vol. II

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